Passionate Player

Passionate Player

Hard work and a relentless mix of service and promotion
have led to national success and local fame.
Words by Mike Douglas

Growing up in Lorne Park Mississauga as the eldest son of the Lebanese owner of a successful chain of stereo and TV stores, Sam McDadi and his younger brother Hatem took to playing tennis with each other. When their father’s business, Big Daddy’s TV and Hi Fi, fell into hard times – “We lost a lot and it opened my eyes to hard times and I realized I better find a way to help the family, “ Sam frowns at the memory, “wasn’t so much about materialism but, it fuelled my work ethic, seeing the loss and needing to help the family.”

Their competitive drive in tennis would serve the brothers well. While Hatem would go on to play professionally on the Mens’ Pro tour for 5 years and become the Vice President of Tennis Canada, Sam would ride a tennis scholarship to Nicholls State, a small American University in Louisiana and find himself a new degree of self-confidence, far from home, where his job was to win tennis matches for his school.

Sam’s successful education in the science of Finance didn’t foreshadow becoming the top real estate agent in Canada. The Master of Business Administration degree he went on to earn from the University of South Carolina brought him to the attention of a Canadian multinational corporation that wanted to employ his analytical skills. But like his father, it was the sales and marketing experiences that he loved and after just two years the opportunity to apply his energy to his own business got the better of him. He would put his notable work ethic into helping people in Mississauga buy and sell homes of all sizes and shapes.

23 years later and after some 5,500 transactions amounting to nearly $1.5 billion in sales, Sam McDadi can afford to hire a driver for his silver Mercedes, for safety’s sake, freeing his hands for the texts and telephone calls he needs to make, preparing for a full schedule of offer meetings with buyers and sellers and leading a team of 24 professionals who provide a one stop solution for every customer’s need. The McDadi team boasts of speaking 15 languages and in March they sold 80 homes! “It was a record month for us,” Sam adds, ”and still we can’t keep homes under $750,000 on the shelf.” Real estate has its own rhythm and it can be easy to get lost in the long days, reacting to the changing menu of properties and deals. For Sam personally it’s become relatively easy to manage. Days start with quiet time in his spacious home near the Rattray Marsh. Sam has been an athlete for most of his life so eating smart has become a part of who he is. Just so with exercise, Sam trains for two hours every morning in workouts and tennis games, keeping himself lean and energized for workdays that can regularly last until midnight.

As his business grew so too did the need to manage the brand he was becoming. So a Brand Manager was hired to oversee the communication products they make for advertisements, websites, videos and books. They assess the media they might use carefully and then enter them consistently. Sam’s team believe in print and they appear in more magazines, 20, than any other realtor because he says – “It works for us. We look at each magazine for relevance to our business and make a decision. Once in, we see each of them as a revenue center and watch their results. If they’re good we stay with them.”

He adds another bar of music to our ears – “It’s no accident that the top realtors are the top advertisers.”

Winning never gets old and when asked what’s next? Sam hesitates – “Really the thrill is in the deal right now. I don’t feel like I’m working, it’s something I want to do and I love it most of the time. Tonight I’ve got offers at five, seven, nine, ten thirty – its mayhem right? But when it gets to the offer stage, I used to be in the clouds and today it’s still a real charge to get over the finish line with them.”

Sam doesn’t go on long holidays but he takes good short ones, this month he’s in England with his fiancé to see the Wimbledon Championships. Back in Mississauga his tested and proven team of value added specialists will have everything running smoothly for their clients and their leader, their friend, the brand.