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ML30 cover MississaugaLife at 30!
Some insights on the Mississauga Valley community; how the creative power of dance heals after a terrible loss; understanding Bitcoin; some new twists on tacos; and beware the horde of Netflix zombies!

In our 30th issue, MississaugaLife continues to explore the issues facing small businesses; this time it’s the topic of growth and the crucial timing and preparation needed for small enterprises to take those next steps and survive.

SPOC29 cover HRThe Business Issue
A look at home design trends for 2015; visiting the many wonders of China; volunteering efforts at the Mississauaga Food Bank; lessons in love from a hopeless romantic; and the fastest Internet in Mississauga.

In the Business issue, Spirit of the City examines what small and micro-sized businesses need not only to survive in Mississauga, but also to thrive. Spirit CEO and serial entrepreneur Don McVie also offers his thoughts on the matter.

SPOC28 coverThe Regional Issue
A chat with four local arts leaders; a look at the thrilling and dangerous world of biohacking; take a road trip in a luxury compact SUV, but don’t let the driver sing; another local chef is a Chopped Canada winner; and what’s the deal with all the advance marketing on holidays?

In the Regional issue, Spirit of the City explores the changes in leadership not just at home, but across the Region of Peel. What does the Region need to do to move forward and benefit us all? Who are these new mayors and what are their objectives? What might the future look like in the region?

SPOC27 coverYour Next Mayor
Discovering majestic and mystical Machu Picchu; two Mikes take a Heart of Darkness odyssey on the Credit River; a look at the science behind food allergies; how the arts can act as a force for social change; and the chicken by-laws of Mississauga.

In the Election issue, editor Mike Douglas sits down with the two leading candidates for mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie and Steve Mahoney, to see what they think the future of our city looks like. Plus we cover their platform highlights and ponder the possibilities of voting online.

SPOC26 FIIn Search of the Happy City
A mixed-use paradise arises in Humbertown; a chat with blues pianist Tyler Yarema; Sherry Prenevost shares her stunning photography and humanitarian vision; the case for and against GMO foods; and meet some mompreneurs!

In the Happy City issue, Spirit of the City continues its examination of city-building issues, this time through the works of four prominent urban theorists: Storm Cunningham, Andrés Duany, Charles Montgomery and
Gil Peñalosa.

spirit1Future of Mississauga
Sweet Home Mississauga looks at Erin Mills; we take a look at the facts of the Fair Elections Act; unused land becomes learning gardens; a local chef competes on Chopped Canada; and using the lake surface as a film screen.

In the Future of Mississauga Issue, Spirit of the City takes a look ahead at a city without Mayor McCallion at the helm—what do we need to grow and better ourselves, and what do we need in the new municipal leadership when the election comes later this year—in the form of three feature articles, each written by senior staff: “The Prosperity Agenda,” by editor/co-publisher Mike Douglas, “Citizen Urbanism,” by president/co-publisher Don McVie, and “Placing Creativity,” by managing editor Kat Runnalls.

CSPOC24 coverity Building
A chat with G20 detainee Tommy Taylor; revitalizing your space with interior decorator Nicola Gillam; Charles Sousa on working with the federal government; and authentic southern Italian pizza at Goodfellas.

In the City Building Issue, Spirit of the City examines the next steps in Mississauga’s evolution from an edge city to a world-class city in its own right; many of those next steps will come from innovative, forward-thinking leadership. We’ve got a solid foundation and the blueprints—what will the final product look like?

SPOC23 p1 cover LRLiberal Arts
Exotic and traditional flavours at Paramount Fine Foods; plans to revitalize the Lakeview waterfront; Dr. Boyd Upper’s impact on Canadian lives; Big Sexy Comics; and local film The Dirties gets international acclaim.

In the Liberal Arts Issue, Spirit of the City asks: what good is a liberal arts education? But more specifically: how does a liberal arts education help create critical thinkers, and why is that education being undervalued?

SPOC22 cover

Lynda Reeves discusses her New Nordic Style; the demise of the incandescent light bulb; the history of Mississauga with Kathleen Hicks; holiday gaming; and indulging in warm winter foods.

In the Creative Issue, Spirit of the City focuses on arts and explores the ways and means in which we can develop culture and retain artists by creating spaces for them; the Arms2Arts project might be one solution.

SPOC21 coverWeathering the 100 Year Storm
Take a trip to the City of Waterfalls; Sarah Richardson dishes on her new HGTV show and signature fabric line; discovering the physiological and neurological benefits of exercise; and Gary Pearson celebrates the return of the school year.

In the Flash Flood issue, Spirit of the City examines the consequences of the worst flood seen in Mississauga in four years—and since Hurricane Hazelon residents and infrastructure. The big question: What do we do now?

SPOC20 cover

Roadblock Ahead
Exploring St. Jacobs and the Bruce Peninsula; the potential redevelopment of the Port Credit Harbour Marina; street festivals and art collecting; and why Carly Heffernan hates summer.

In the Suburban/Urban Issue, Spirit of the City reports on the Western GTA Summit, in which the leaders of Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Caledon and Halton Region meet to challenge both economic and transportation gridlock.

SPOC19 cover for web

New business supplement Spirit of Enterprise launches this issue; Tourette isn’t the cursing disease you think it is; Vive Lafrance: rock ‘n’ roll deck building; and why John Fraser is secretly a parsnip.

In the Reinvention issue, Spirit of the City tells the stories of two people who have transformed their lives. Restaurateur Henry Duong escaped Cambodia and started over several times after coming to Canada, and author Eric Walters uses his writing to help youth at home and abroad.

SPOC18 Cover

The Entrepreneurs Issue
From delectable sushi and sake to the resurrection of the BlackBerry; from Mike Holmes of HGTV to ‘Sauga success story:

In the Entrepreneurs Issue, Spirit of the City takes a look at the most innovative employers in Mississauga, and asks what the price of success is in a challenging economy.

SPOC17 CoverThe Leadership Issue
Hazel speaks out on leadership; Carly Heffernan flouts all reason, loves Valentine’s Day; our new Postcards from Afar section kicks off; Billy discusses his many Talents.

In the Leadership Issue, Spirit of the City tackles one of the biggest questions facing a post-Hazel Mississauga: what does good leadership look like? How can we cultivate it? And who does the responsibility of leadership fall to?