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Arts on the Credit, Pt. 3

Ann Fullerton’s background as an award winning art director & designer gives her work a strong sense of design, composition and understanding of colour.  Some of her illustrative work has appeared in various publications such as The Globe & Mail,… Continue Reading →

Arts on the Credit, Pt. 1

Liv Babra graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts from Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. Liv has pursued his creative career passions vigorously in painting, sculpting and photography. Liv’s first passion has always been his appreciation for… Continue Reading →

The Meme is the Message: Students Take Control of their Post-Secondary Education

Words by Taryn McMillan Pop culture commonly portrays university life as a time to let loose and have fun, before entering the grim realm of adult responsibilities. Movies such as Project X play up this version of late adolescence, and… Continue Reading →

Soteroff’s Off to… Spain

What happens when you take 15 English-speaking people and 15 Spanish-speaking people, all strangers, and get them to live together and speak to each other for at least 16 hours per day? This is the social experiment that Pueblo Ingl?s… Continue Reading →

Remembering the Future (Part 2): An Interview with Robert J. Sawyer

Quick Links 15. Mississauga’s own. 16. Why this city? 17. The future (?) of print publishing. 18. Bookcases. 19. Sawyer’s favourite book. 20. George Lucas ruined science fiction for everybody. 21. Influences. 22. What’s next? LG: How long have you… Continue Reading →

Remembering the Future: An Interview with Robert J. Sawyer

It’s been nine years since I’ve been to Robert J. Sawyer’s home, and the moment I step through the door, the memories come flooding back. The last time I was here, I was a student doing an interview for an… Continue Reading →

Creative Natives: Cuchulainn’s Open Mic / Jam Turns One

Words by Chris Carriere & Matt Zadkovich As the title says, tomorrow night is the one year anniversary of the Cuchulainn’s Open Mic / Jam Night. For all of that time, Matt Zadkovich has been its host. Without going too… Continue Reading →

Geek Speak 1: Princes, Thrones and Gluttony

Words and photos by Jordan Villanueva I can taste graduation on the tip of my tongue, even while struggling to keep up with school and an internship to get to that point. So once in a while, I like to… Continue Reading →

Storm Clouds Ahead

Dramatic new commitments to water management are needed now. Words by Michael Spaziani If you’ve ever taken a bath, then you know all the basics of storm water management. (And if you’ve never taken a bath then I strongly suggest… Continue Reading →

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