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Jane Lockhart Wins at the NKBA Awards

Jane Lockhart, of Jane Lockhart Interior Design in Toronto, recently received several awards from the National Kitchen & Bath Associations (NKBA) in Canada and the U.S. for 2014. The Canadian Pinnacle Award for Design Excellence, the People’s Pick Kitchen Award… Continue Reading →

Wild New Workouts

Caveman Workout This prehistoric workout is built around five-day cycles of weightlifting supersets performed over a six-week period. It boosts both your strength and flexibility while building muscle and burning fat. Best of all, it doesn’t put you in the path of stampeding mastodon. Aerial Yoga… Continue Reading →

Viral Videos: Apple Watches and How Chameleons Change Colours

College Humour recently released this parody viral video of an Apple Watch commercial explaining why the Gold Apple Watch costs only $10,000. Check it out here: ” title=” ” title=” ” />” title=” ” />The Adobe Flash Player is required for… Continue Reading →

The Lost Boys

Words by Chris Carriere The first day of junior kindergarten is hard for every kid. For Kieran, though, it was a little bit different. What started as first-day jitters had, by the next year, developed into a definite pattern of… Continue Reading →

Motoring Mondays: GPS Safety

GPS. Many newer vehicles are coming equipped with satellite technology that includes Global Positioning (GPS) and navigational help to assist you to locate where you are or where you are going. It is safest NOT use the visual display while… Continue Reading →

Deep thinking: University – Deep Thinking

For a new top educator — thinking globally, acting locally in the united nations of Mississauga requires open confidence, community smarts and fresh perspectives. Words by Andrew Hamilton-Smith Despite being swamped with official duties, meeting with staff and faculty, presiding… Continue Reading →

Live Life Brilliantly

One young Mississauga woman had an inspiration that she should work to help change children’s lives, so she did. Words by Kristen Smith The Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. A simple concept, yes, but… Continue Reading →

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