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Weird Weather: The New Normal?

  Climate change “might have something to do with it,” admits man unqualified to comment on scientific matters. Words by Chris Carriere Mississauga native and noted climate change denier Bud Waters, 55, has recanted his views on global warming. Neighbours… Continue Reading →

Viral Wednesday: Adam Lefkoe and Mike Tyson

Switched Off!

Moments of momentous customer service. Words by John Fraser Alas, we all remember the rainfall of July 2013! More water fell in two hours than the average for the month—even more than Hurricane Hazel in 1956! There was rafting on… Continue Reading →

Viral Wednesday: Tom Thum and Commuting in China

Santa’s Claws

  ’Tis the season to be jolly handy in a tight situation. Words by John Fraser The Three Stages of Santa 1. You believe in Santa. 2. You don’t believe in Santa. 3. You are Santa. So when I retired,… Continue Reading →

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