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Strip Mall Challenge

Cooksville’s future hinges on new transit. Words by Steven Pecar A stranger pulls into a gas station near Highways 5 and 10, and asks the attendant to fill his tank. As he waits, the man asks, “Where’s downtown?” “You’re looking at it,” answers… Continue Reading →

A Novel No?l

Words by Gary Pearson “Christmas has become too commercial!” people yell as they climb over each other to get their kid that must-have, rare, and overpriced popular toy of the season. We complain about it, but reach into our wallets… Continue Reading →

The Not-So-Great Outdoors

Words by Gary Pearson After that horrible winter, everyone is primed for summer. Like you, I want to get outside and enjoy it, except I have trust issues. You see, in mid-March, when winter should have been over, I managed to slip… Continue Reading →

To Boldly Go…

Words by Gary Pearson Illustration by Frank Bailey We all know it. The commercialism of Christmas is out of control. I think Christians have a point when they say “Keep Christ in Christmas”—after all, Jesus’s name is right there in… Continue Reading →

Back to School

Or, I hereby hand my kids over to society to raise. Words by Gary Pearson

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