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Things that Happen with Laura and I

Laura and Jay just do the darndest things! Words by Jay Kana 1. We’ve talked about how easy it would be to climb out of a fully dug grave. I said it would be quite easy; I was vehemently disagreed… Continue Reading →

Jordan’s 5 Christmas Traditions

Oh, how I do love the holidays! Words by Jordan Villanueva 1. Baking Chocolate Crinkles I love baking. It’s therapeutic, and almost always results in something very delicious (unless I burn the goods, which rarely happens!). But there’s something about… Continue Reading →

jordanTunes Volume 1

Who doesn’t love music? It’s a bit of a clich?, I know, but music adds colour to life and is often therapeutic. With that in mind, here are the 20 songs that I’ve been listening to lately—and often, if my YouTube… Continue Reading →

jayTunes Volume 1

Compiled by Jay Kana  I put my iTunes (that has over 15,000 songs) on shuffle. Here are the first 20 songs that appeared: “Hypnotize”, The White Stripes ” title=” ” title=” ” title=” ” title=” ” title=” ” title=” “… Continue Reading →

A-Musings: Jay’s 8 Christmas Traditions Volume 1

1. I drive around Mississauga Road to see how beautiful the houses are decorated. 2. I record a Christmas album and instead of selling them, I offer the option to make a donation to a charity with zero obligation. I make… Continue Reading →

9 Pictures That (Almost All) 20-Somethings Can Relate To

Compiled/Words by Jordan Villanueva    1. To stay in bed, or to face the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a #20something provincial life? (Good 365 days of the year, not just Christmas.) 2. Two words: FRESH POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS! (Of coffee.) 3. The Starks are… Continue Reading →

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