1. I drive around Mississauga Road to see how beautiful the houses are decorated.

2. I record a Christmas album and instead of selling them, I offer the option to make a donation to a charity with zero obligation. I make the collection of songs available as a free download and if the listener likes what they hear and if they’re interested and able to, they can make a donation. I love music (spoiler alert) and I’m lucky enough to be able to use my musical abilities to help others.

3. I drink far too much egg nog. Yes, I realize the cholesterol spike isn’t good for me. But mix in a bit of whiskey and it all balances out, right? Right.

4. I create a “Xmas” playlist on my iTunes and there’s everything from big band stuff to jazz to rock and everything in between.

5.  I handwrite about 200+ Christmas cards and mail them. Yup, no typo here. I don’t do it to improve my handwriting as that’s a lost cause. I do it because my mother and I wrote cards together when I was young and it’s something that’s stuck with me since. I don’t do it for recognition or to improve my chances for getting a card in return. I do it because it’s something I’ve done for over 20 years.

6. I put the fireplace channel on the TV and wrap presents.

7. I eat Holiday Rice Krispies for breakfast through most of December with chocolate milk.

8. I put a strand of Christmas lights on my wall of guitars. It shouldn’t only be the tree that gets lit up.

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