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First Annual Health, Wellness, Beauty Show and Sale

At the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga’s Growth Business Network will host their first annual Health, Wellness, Beauty Show and Sale. The show will feature over 35 exhibitors offering various health and wellness services in the community—just in time for the… Continue Reading →

Diet for Success

Reviewing the facts behind the fads.  Words by James Tonin  According to a recent Time magazine poll, losing weight and getting fit is the most commonly broken New Year’s resolution. Even so, you can succeed where many people fail with… Continue Reading →

Total Fitness

Words by Kat Runnalls These days, trends in fitness are evolving to meet the demand for more personalized attention, speciality classes and workout routines. Studios, facilities and personal trainers continue to trend towards fusion and combination classes, high-intensity and interval… Continue Reading →

Mississauga’s Best Running Trails

In an era where we’re all concerned about our health, it pays to find a bit of variety in our exercise regimen. Not only does this spice up our healthy activities, it also encourages regular participation in a health routine…. Continue Reading →

MississaugaLife Hot Picks Powered by Yelp: Fun and Fitness

Every week, we’ll be bringing you top picks for virtually anything in the city! These reviews are from real reviewers on Yelp—these people know what they’re talking about. From the best brunch spots to great hair salons, you name it,… Continue Reading →

Maximize Your Health

Managing a chronic health condition isn’t easy. It can often mean big changes to your life which can be overwhelming. Sure, you know what to do; you’ve got instructions from your doctor. But knowing doesn’t necessarily translate into doing—that’s where… Continue Reading →

Radical Solutions

Words by James Tonin ou are made up of about one trillion cells. These basic structural units govern every bodily function you experience. You’re able to move because of muscle cells, you’re able to think because of brain cells and you’re able to thrive… Continue Reading →

Be Prepared: Powers of Attorney

“I have a client with a mother in her nineties who lives by herself and doesn’t want to leave her home. She is showing signs of dementia and does not have a power of attorney in place. She also believes… Continue Reading →

Food Allergies

Words by James Tonin While scientists are still struggling to explain it, new research seems to support what anecdotal evidence has been suggesting for years: food allergies are on the rise in North America, particularly in children. According to a… Continue Reading →

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