In an era where we’re all concerned about our health, it pays to find a bit of variety in our exercise regimen. Not only does this spice up our healthy activities, it also encourages regular participation in a health routine.

This is important if you live in more urban areas and can’t get out that often, or if you’re looking for something to do after you play online bingo games or other house-based activities.

That’s why we’ve created a list of five of the best running trails around the city; routes that cater to all skill and fitness levels and that guarantee a good time.

Trail #1 – 2.93-km run
This run is a great for beginners as it’s a relatively short distance and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. It’s perfect for a small afternoon burst if you’re not looking for anything too difficult.

Starting off at Tacc Drive you’ll progress around the small housing area in a circuit that takes you past Thomas Street and Winston Churchill Boulevard before finally ending on Tacc Drive again.

Trail #2 – 6.43-km run
This run is considerably lengthier. Starting off at Lakeshore Road, you’ll go through the beautiful Rhododendron Gardens Park before following the Waterfront Trail for a view of Lake Ontario for the majority of your run.

The fresh air is great for waking you up on that early morning jog before you pass through the picturesque JC Saddington Park before doubling back through Lakeshore Road again. General completion time for this track is about 50 minutes, so it makes a great afternoon or early-morning workout.

Trail #3 – 7.37-km run
This fun little jaunt takes you from Plowmans Park all the way into Aquitaine Park for a constant “Day at the Park” theme to your morning run.

Trail #4 – 10.01-km run
This route can take an hour or more (depending on your fitness level), and so it offers a great workout. Starting off at Indian Road, you’ll run pretty much straight along that street before cutting through Lorne Park and taking a loop around the beautiful Whiteoaks Park.

The route also takes you past Lorne and Whiteoaks schools, so you could take your children to school and then jog the route home.

Trail #5 – 11.02-km run
This route is a straight street jog along Lakeshore Road, finishing just outside JC Saddington Park. It’s a great no-nonsense route for those who just want something simple. To give yourself an even bigger workout, you could choose to run the route back along Lakeshore Road.

That’s just a small selection of some of the routes available in Mississauga area. Give them a try and enjoy the outdoors!

(Photo by Utcursch)