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[UPDATED] Photos: Meet the Mississauga City Youth Council

Photography by Wajahat Syed The Mississauga City Youth Council (MiCYC) held their official launch party at Microsoft Square One on June 28. Business and community leaders, trustees, candidates for the municipal election and other elected officials including, Member of Federal Parliament Brad… Continue Reading →

Want to Be my Friend?

Words by Kent Fenwick On May 18, 2012, Facebook went public. Mark Zuckerberg made a lot of money and many people lost a lot of money. How did that happen? How did the biggest initial public offering in history lead… Continue Reading →

BMW: On the Road (Trip) Again

Words by Jay Kana The day my younger sister got her first car, a 2005 Altima, she put diesel in the tank—but it takes regular gas. I could include some quotes from her and my parents that night, but let’s keep this… Continue Reading →

The BallRoom Babies

Words by Jeanylyn Lopez The BallRoom Babies are a Mississauga-based, classic-rock-influenced band. This past May at the Living Arts Centre, they were presented with a MARTY award for Emerging Performing Arts Group. Bassist Nathan Colucci recalls the experience. “For me, it was about… Continue Reading →

Motoring Review: 2014 Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid Review

Words by Jay Kana Flying under the radar in the hybrid stratosphere is the 2014 Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid. When you hear the word “hybrid” in the auto world, you can’t be faulted if your mind automatically floats to… Continue Reading →

Game of WTH is Going On?!

Words by Jordan Villanueva Ah, spring. You know what I love about spring? Not much and this spring has been—well, just bewildering! Allergies prevail, I start perspiring in places I haven’t since summer, birds start chirping at an ungodly hour—need I say… Continue Reading →

Mississauga’s Got Talent

Words by Mike Antinozzi If you haven’t caught wind of Nik Stauskas, he’s the latest basketball phenom from our region, raising eyebrows south of the border. The Mississauga native is the go-to guy in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he’s the shooting guard for the University… Continue Reading →

Motoring Mondays: Cruise Control

Ian Law has written numerous articles on driving for several magazines and is currently writing articles for The Toronto Star– Wheels Section–under the title “Better Driving” as their driving expert. Combined with his twenty-plus years of auto racing (including ice… Continue Reading →

Back from the Dead!

Can a name change and a new phone revive Blackberry’s fortunes? Words by Kent Fenwick BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion, or RIM) must have had football on its mind as it threw a “Hail Mary” pass deep into the consumer’s… Continue Reading →

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