Ian Law has written numerous articles on driving for several magazines and is currently writing articles for The Toronto Star– Wheels Section–under the title “Better Driving” as their driving expert. Combined with his twenty-plus years of auto racing (including ice racing), and a background in road design (City of Toronto), his experience is unparalleled in the world of driver training. Showcasing his driving expertise, Ian will be contributing weekly articles covering GPS, cruise control, brake fluid and more in a new mini-series, Motoring Mondays.

Only use cruise control when weather and traffic conditions allow. Do not rely on cruise control when it is raining, snowing or in generally bad weather. If traffic is too heavy, do not use cruise control. Only use it on long open roads with very little traffic and in clear conditions. Cruise control does not mean you can release the steering wheel. It only keeps your vehicle at a set speed. Some expensive vehicles are now coming equipped with Active Cruise Control that adjust your speed to stay a set distance back from the vehicle ahead. This can be dangerous if you rely on it too much. You must remain completely focused on your driving at all times. Active Cruise Control can put you beside another vehicle or in its’ blind spot on multilane roads. Believe it or not, some people thought it meant the controls took over everything and all they had to do was sit and enjoy the ride.

 Ian M. Law
President & Chief Instructor
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