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Twisted Sisters

There is a trend emerging in design these days and I blame it wholly on licorice. Surely you remember Twizzlers, those twisted sticks of confection, originally available in only red and black. I believe those childhood memories have inspired a… Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems

Driving around Mississauga for work, baseball games and painting excursions, I have come across some unusual and unexpected sculptural pieces and artistic adornments to buildings installed by business owners, managers and ordinary people of their own volition. These gems enliven… Continue Reading →

Living the Dream Job

Words by Carly Heffernan Some little girls dream of being a movie star or a fashion model. Some dream of seeing outer space or saving lives but every so often there’s a brave little girl who dreams bigger, reaches higher… Continue Reading →

Love Letters

Words by Carly Heffernan Remember when getting mail didn’t happen in front of a computer screen? Or when catching up with a friend didn’t involve 10 abbreviations and a dozen emoticons? Remember when holiday greeting cards were hand-written and jokes had a punch… Continue Reading →

Embrace the Cold!

Out with complaints; in with Old Man Winter. Words by Carly Heffernan Three things are inevitable in Canada: high taxes, an almost lustful love of hockey, and winter. So here’s my gentle request to 99 percent of Canadians: get into it! No,… Continue Reading →

Mississauga High!

Words by Carly Heffernan Take a deep breath. Smell that? That’s the sweet smell of an upcoming election. (Unless you’re reading this while on break at the sewage plant—in that case it’s just sewage so I apologize, but thank you for reading!) It… Continue Reading →

Spring Self-Cleaning

Words by Carly Heffernan Spring is here, I can tell. The sun is out, people are day-drunk and all the wrong guys are beginning to go shirtless. I can also tell because I have that feeling in my gut, in my bones, in… Continue Reading →

Perfect Fit

Work out your fitness style. Words by Carly Heffernan

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