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The Benefits of Fitness

The fountain of youth in you. Words by James Tonin It’s no secret that regular exercise makes you more energetic, helps you lose weight and leads to restful, satisfying shut-eye at night. You also know that exercise reduces your risk… Continue Reading →

Frank Dale Wins Peel Region

The new Chair is just like the old Chair. Words and photography by Mike Douglas Wow. Imagine a series of council ballots measuring several of the most outstanding leaders in the two biggest suburban cities in Canada. The “race” for… Continue Reading →

The Dance Guru

Words by Trish Dugan When you hear breaking news reports announcing that innocents have been slaughtered yet again by terrorists, do you pause and wonder how the families of the victims could possibly heal from the soul-searing, heart-rending pain of these horrific acts?… Continue Reading →

Paradise in French Ploynesia

French Polynesia has a population of approximately 275,000. The capital city is Papeete on the island of Tahiti. Tahiti has an estimated population of 184,000. Paradise in the South Pacific It was sunny and warm. It was early in the… Continue Reading →

Amazing Travel Scholarship, Diana Pham,

The contest ends this Sunday, so show Pham your support on social media. Like her Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages, share her tweets and statuses, and #DP4ATS to show your support! The scholarship is sponsored by Campus Vacations, a student… Continue Reading →

A Japanese Garden in the Heart of Mississauga

Words and photography by Ann Ivy Male Spring is upon us and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Kariya Park—a Japanese-styled garden inspired by Mississauga’s twin city, Kariya, in Japan. When you walk through the garden gates of… Continue Reading →

No Sex Please, We’re South Asian!

This global diversity promoter writes on romance and radicals, taboos and freedom, while surviving Pakistan on her best behaviour.Words by Raheel Raza Ahh, romance is in the air – February is the month for Valentine’s Day, roses, chocolates and all… Continue Reading →

Year Of The Rabbit

Traditional Chinese New Year celebrations present a lot of surprises to the non Chinese among us. Words by Beverley Ann D’Cruz When February blows in this year, many people will have forgotten their New Year’s resolutions. But while 2011 loses… Continue Reading →

Beyond Borders

Longtime Mississauga resident Raheel Raza is a Canadian Muslim journalist and author of “Their Jihad, Not My Jihad”. She speaks out around the world against terrorism in the name of Islam and for the equality of Muslim women, resulting in… Continue Reading →

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