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John Kovac Runs for Councillor in Ward 4

A fresh perspective for Ward 4. As a student at the University of Toronto, John worked summers as a carpenter to help put himself through school. “My father taught me the value of a trade,” said John. “My summers were… Continue Reading →

Daniel R. Wallace Runs for Councillor in Ward 4

On April 27th in Ward 4, a vote for Daniel R. Wallace is the right choice. Daniel Wallace is an extremely hard-working man who is dedicated to improving the everyday life of Mississauga’s citizens. When you vote for him, you… Continue Reading →

From Poland with Love

A determined new Canadian represents Cooksville in Ottawa. Words by Mike Douglas The Member of Parliament for Mississauga East—Cooksville, Wladyslaw Lizon, likes to visit the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Recently he was there to greet a friend from Poland, artist… Continue Reading →

The Art of Asking

Mississauga, January 2010, one year ago and the official start of the 2010 Municipal Election Campaign. Over the cold winter months and into spring, those who might be candidates were deliberating the possibly fateful decision  of running for public office…. Continue Reading →

Lost in Incumbent Land

Every candidate has to have a first campaign and when running for Mississauga Council against a popular incumbent it can be a bumpy ride. Words by Christine Simundson The morning of October 25, 2010 was unlike any I had ever… Continue Reading →

New Kids on the Block

Homelessness: Sleep Deprivation

Words by Edna Toth Many Mississauga residents don’t believe that homeless people hang out in Peel.Or if homelessness abounds, then it must be in Brampton and not the responsibility of Mississauga residents. Wrong. Many parts of Mississauga, are “home” to… Continue Reading →

GEORGE CARLSON: Cool, Calm Councillor

Words by Mike Douglas “I’m just a local boy made good.” offers the rounded affable City Councillor for Ward 11. George Carlson sits in khakis and pullover, on the edge of his office couch, attentive, engaged for a new conversation…. Continue Reading →

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