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Symphony In Three Cords

Lifting expectations for a better designed city takes a new vocabulary. Below a prominent architect provides creative options.Words and Photography by Michael Spaziani I have been pondering Gertrude Stein’s assessment of Oakland California in 1930 when she declared, “There is… Continue Reading →

Mixed Messages

Is our City ready for mixed-use development? Words by Michael Spaziani With the spurt of condominium development in Mississauga, another problem is emerging. Once a condominium corporation forms, it becomes the sole decision maker on any conversions of ground floor… Continue Reading →

Is the OMB necessary? An expert witness shares experiences

And the Winner Is…

You may be familiar with some of the more celebrated architectural competitions: The Sydney Opera House by J?rn Utzon, Toronto City Hall by Viljo Revell, The Royal Ontario Museum by Daniel Liebeskind, The White House by James Hoban, The Eiffel… Continue Reading →

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