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Refresh Your Space

Words by Kristy Elik She’s a style maven whose expertise and eye for fun, practical, often unexpected but always cheeky design has earned her a spot as HGTV’s expert on rental properties for popular shows like For Rent and Marriage Under Construction. She’s… Continue Reading →

Norse Code

Lynda Reeves talks design, holiday decor and deciphers the secrets of “New Nordic Style.” Words by Kristy Elik Canadian publishing magnate Lynda Reeves seems satisfied as she sits back and considers the media empire she’s painstakingly built. More than ever… Continue Reading →

Hot Property

With the launch of her new HGTV show and signature range of fabrics, Sarah Richardson’s star is burning brightly. Words by Kristy Elik To style-conscious Canadians, the name Sarah Richardson is ubiquitous with design. Known for the creation of innovative,… Continue Reading →

Holmes Beyond Homes

Words by Chris Carriere This March, HGTV’s Mike Holmes marks the 10th anniversary of his onscreen career. Since he got his start with Holmes on Holmes, which first aired in 2003, the brawny builder has become one of Canada’s highest-profile tradespeople,… Continue Reading →

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