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Spirit After Dark: 9 Imaginary Friends

Coarse language, violent imagery and more ensue. You have been warned. 1. Ikilldinosaurs When I was about 4, I had an imaginary friend named Bomba. I remember pretty well that he wore a purple turban and had darker skin. I… Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Shootings in Ottawa

MPs have been moved to safety, and the prime minister is safe and away from the area (as tweeted by his director of communications). Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau are also reported to be safe. Closer… Continue Reading →

Arshad Mahmood Runs for Councillor in Ward 4

Arshad Mahmood is a financial industry professional with a passion for languages, arts, culture and volunteerism. He was trained as an international executive with a multinational financial institution and has served in capacities ranging from branch manager to vice president… Continue Reading →

Spirit After Dark: Don’t Watch These 5 Videos Without the Lights

Hey readers! Jordan here, resident Scaredy Cat of Spirit of the City! Tonight, we’re bringing you five videos of unexplained apparitions. Whether you’re a skeptic or not, you gotta admit that watching videos of the unexplained that others claim to… Continue Reading →

The Race for Ward 4

On December 4, 2014, Ward 4 Councillor Frank Dale was appointed as Peel Regional Chair, and as a result, he had to resign his seat on Mississauga City Council. This vacancy triggered a by-election, set for April 27, 2015. Below… Continue Reading →

Sheraz Siddiqui Runs for Councillor in Ward 4

Hello everyone, My name is Sheraz Siddiqui, also known as “Dude.” I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and came to Canada in June 1998. While there, I was a part of an organization called Duke of Edinburgh; we did entertainment… Continue Reading →

Ontario Parties’ Polticial Platforms

The Ontario Election is coming up in just eight days, so in light of that, we have compiled the main points from the platforms of the Progressive Conservative party, the Liberal party and the New Democratic Party from their websites…. Continue Reading →

Ontario Election Leaders’ Debate 2014

The Ontario Election Leaders’ Debate aired Tuesday night on major news channels featuring Premier Kathleen Wynne for the Liberal Party, Tim Hudak for the Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath for the New Democratic Party, in a question and answer battle… Continue Reading →

Ontario Election 2014: Endorsement Round-Up

The provincial election is two days away, and everyone is talking about who will be premier: will it be Tim Hudak of the Progressive Conservatives? Andrea Horwath of the New Democratic Party? Or will the Liberal Party stay in power… Continue Reading →

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