The provincial election is two days away, and everyone is talking about who will be premier: will it be Tim Hudak of the Progressive Conservatives? Andrea Horwath of the New Democratic Party? Or will the Liberal Party stay in power with Premier Kathleen Wynee at the helm?

You can see what the voter trends have been like over the last month in our article, but what are the major newspapers saying? Who are they endorsing for this election? Below is the TL;DR version:

The Globe and Mail: Progressive Conservatives, but as a minority government. Read the rationale here.

Toronto Star: Liberals. Here‘s why.

Toronto Sun: PCs. Here is their editorial.

National Post: PCs. Editorial found here.

Ottawa Citizen: PCs. You can see their pros and cons for all parties, including the Green Party, right here.

Looks like many are leaning to the right, but polls and endorsements are no guarantee of who will win on June 12. We’ll see you at the polling station!