Hello everyone,

My name is Sheraz Siddiqui, also known as “Dude.” I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and came to Canada in June 1998. While there, I was a part of an organization called Duke of Edinburgh; we did entertainment and support for children with special needs.

I am a father of two boys. I am an inventor, artist, musician, web developer, chef and a founder of Master Mine Media, a group of companies.

I understand what life is and what it is about. I’m about making a difference in society and even in the world. I’m about ending the poverty. I’m about truth. I’m about love, hard work, and working towards a new generation.

I believe a politician’s job is to make sure that people are happy, healthy and comfortable because it is the people who choose.

My priorities are lower rent and property taxes, transit (hurricane and thunder transit) and control prices for compulsory and non-compulsory products:

  1. Bring back the rent control law in Peel;
  2. Implementing automatic disposable system around the city (means lower property tax);
  3. Implementing heated roads and sidewalks (means lower property tax);
  4. Running a shuttle service to comfort the residents by wards;
  5. Control the prices for non-compulsory and compulsory products;
  6. Implementing hurricane and thunder transit that works on magnet (suspension bridges around the City of Mississauga and surroundings); and
  7. Delivery services to the residents for more comfort just like the old days.

And much more. Please see the full plan on sherazsiddiqui.com.

In order to achieve an incredible future we need to come back to basics by doing the above.

As a leader, I will make sure that people are happy, healthy and comfortable starting from the ward and spreading around the city and its surroundings.

A great man once said, “Make sure your neighbour has eaten the food.”

The only way I can do this as a leader to make sure that people are happy, healthy and comfortable.

Election Day is April 27, 2015. And I would love your support for every single being.

Thank you.

You can contact Sheraz Siddiqui via:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 647-887-7961
Twitter: @CSSMississauga