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The Perfectly Awesome Series

Words by Don McVie Psst… hey buddy… want to know the coolest tool in the shed? They call it the “PAS,” a code, manufacturers claim, that means “Professional Attachment Series,” but which I think really stands for Perfectly Awesome Stuff. This is the yard-work/power-tool… Continue Reading →

Gentlemen, Start Your Mowers!

Words by Don McVie As we look to the welcome end of a very long winter, it seems like a good time to anticipate the sheer ecstasy that awaits us as we crack a cold beer after the weekend chores… Continue Reading →

Powering Michael Jackson

Words by Don McVie In 1984, I worked on the amazing Jacksons’ Victory Tour. Michael and his brothers mesmerized 2 million fans in stadiums all across North America with the likes of “Beat It,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin,” and “I’ll Be There.” It… Continue Reading →

House in My Pocket: Sheridan

Words by Teresa Pamatat   Our city is full of interesting history from the various hamlets and villages which made up the area long before it was known as Mississauga. The pocket of Sheridan is comprised of three distinct neighborhoods:… Continue Reading →

Bright Ideas

There’s a new way of seeing things—are you ready? Words by Leo Graziani In 2007, the federal government announced that it would raise the standards for energy efficiency, as part of an initiative to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas… Continue Reading →

Get the Edge on Trimmers

1. Electric or gas. How big is your backyard? Electric trimmers are great for a narrow townhome lot; not so much for estate grounds. They’re also quieter—treat your neighbours to the sound of silence. 2. Plug-in or rechargeable. Batteries have… Continue Reading →

Lessons from Oscar the Woodsman!

Our Weekend Warrior reminisces about the chainsaw. Words by Don McVie I was only 13 the summer Dad brought home our first chainsaw. Pioneers of a sort, our family was toiling away trying to clear the steep and heavily treed… Continue Reading →

Down the Drain

Using rain water to your advantage! To minimize adverse environmental impacts of urbanization— something we all have a vested interest in—a practice called low impact development (LID) is becoming increasingly popular in many Canadian towns and cities, This suite of… Continue Reading →

Tara’s Tales and Tastings #18: Renovations—Do They Ever End?

Words by Tara Pepper As I sit here writing this blog, I feel like I’ve come home. I’m here in my living room sitting in my writing chair. Does that sound weird? Let me explain. Bobby and I have been… Continue Reading →

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