Words by Don McVie

As we look to the welcome end of a very long winter, it seems like a good time to anticipate the sheer ecstasy that awaits us as we crack a cold beer after the weekend chores are done this summer. This is the moment when self-respecting Weekend Warriors savour the intriguing choices we face as we mentally rearrange the garden shed and consider what makes for the perfect lawn mower.

Sure, there are those who simply leave the cutting job to the lawn maintenance folks, the spouse or even the kids, but surely we all know how important it is to boast the very best gear in town should we choose (or be ordered) to get out there and do the job ourselves.

If you are one of those fair-weather cutters with a small lawn, then just choose between the electric mower with a long cord or perhaps a rechargeable item so you can quietly go about your business.

For the more manly types among us, there are much bigger fish to fry. Will that new gas mower have single or dual blades? Will it mulch or just bag? Self-propelled or something we push? Electric start or good old-fashioned manual recoil? Blade brakes? Plenty to think about.

Like most other important decisions, the issue comes down to utility, quality and price. Is the mower deck made of steel (solid, but it can rust), aluminium (no rust but it can corrode) or polymer (no rust but not as durable)? Is the deck wide or narrow? Is there a warranty? Who will service it, repair it or store it?

If you look at what the professionals use, they consider ease of operation, reliability, serviceability and durability as being crucial. As a seasoned Weekend Warrior, you might find yourself going the same way.

Just remember, doing the chores can be gratifying and a source of pride, but no one likes dealing with breakdowns and equipment failure. You want to get the job done and spend as much of the afternoon relaxing with a cool beverage as you can.

Consider your choices… and then go see a dealer you can trust.