Words by Don McVie

Psst… hey buddy… want to know the coolest tool in the shed?

They call it the “PAS,” a code, manufacturers claim, that means “Professional Attachment Series,” but which I think really stands for Perfectly Awesome Stuff. This is the yard-work/power-tool combo to end them all.

If you’re like me, you’ll admit to having looked longingly at small pole-mounted chainsaws. Or perhaps you found yourself duly impressed with the prospect of cleaning up with those cool new power brooms. These are but two of the many handy and exotic power tools you really want but might use only a couple of times each season. You think: “Can I afford it? Can I explain it to my husband or wife?” And how about, “Will it run when I finally do need it?”

The answer is simple: yes. And the secret is one powerful and reliable engine and many gadgets. I took the leap on this amazing tool last year and it has never failed to earn its keep. Last spring and summer we were tackling the monster hedge, edging and weed whacking here in the city. Up at the lake, I trimmed high branches, used the hedge trimmer on a 45-degree angle to manhandle weeds, and used the gas blower to clear dead leaves.

Come fall, my friends at Current Power Machinery turned me on to a winter attachment some genius in Quebec dreamed up—it turned my PAS into an effective gas-fired power snow-shovel!

Every time I brought it out, people driving by stopped and asked where to get one. It made several trips back and forth to the lake where it also came in handy for clearing the deck over the holidays.

Last week I gave in again and bought the power broom attachment. One use and I’m sold. We’re adding gravel and putting down a patio this week, and believe me this broom will earn its keep.

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