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October 2014 Municipal Election Results

Candidate Votes Percent Bonnie Crombie 102,346 63.5% Steven Mahoney 46,224 28.7% Dil Muhammad 2,429 1.5% Stephen King 1,874 1.2% Masood Khan 1,254 0.8% Donald Barber 1,225 0.8% Derek Ramkissoon 1,044 0.6% Scott Chapman 868 0.5% Riazuddin Choudhry 790 0.5% Paul… Continue Reading → Delivering Breaking News in Real Time

The concept of 411 was born from the realization that Mississauga, Canada’s sixth largest city, had no breaking news coverage unless a story was large enough to gain the interest of the big media in Toronto. For a period of… Continue Reading →

A Statement from Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Mayor Crombie with mayors from across Canada during the Big Cities Summit 2015. The following is a statement from Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, following her participation in the Big Cities Summit 2015 hosted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) on… Continue Reading →

Peel Crime Stoppers’ New Summer Initiative

The summer initiative involves the Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU), bike officers and current Crime Stoppers to unexpectedly pop up at various locations that may benefit from the program. Their main locations would be shopping malls, parks, recreation centers, or any… Continue Reading →

Choosing the Suburbs

Words by Steven Pecar Don’t blame the people of Meadowvale for liking what they like. It’s not a place to visit, it’s a place to live. Rapid transit? No big deal, they have cars. Caf?s, bistros and sidewalk culture? We’re not talking Yorkville… Continue Reading →

Mississauga’s Changing Skyline

1. The Absolute City Centre Complex (Link to Street View) This complex made up of five towers has drastically changed the outline of the city centre. Initially one single elliptically formed tower was planned, but after the curious structure was well-received,… Continue Reading →

Mississauga Benefits from Improved Transit Services

On February 13, city officials and representatives from Mississauga Transit and the Government of Canada gathered at the Central Parkway Transit Campus to celebrate the addition of new vehicles to serve commuters and the modernisation of services to improve public… Continue Reading →

Campaign Notes: Choosing a Mayor for Mississauga!

I’ve documented and reported on federal and municipal election campaigns, volunteered on provincial campaigns, fought the Clarkson power plants and have interviewed every elected politician in Mississauga. Being straight with these typically smart and interesting people is only fair. They… Continue Reading →

October 2014 Municipal Election: Ward 8 Candidates

Cecil Young Why did you decide to run for councillor? We need good representation with someone who has innovative ideas to solve the problems that will be coming in the next several years. And I have the political, community and… Continue Reading →

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