Cloud Warriors Coming to Cagneys Wine Bar

cwFor once, sitting at a restaurant for dinner while being on your phone is acceptable!

Cloud Warriors, a phone based Twitter game, will be coming to Cagneys Wine Bar on February 24 at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

The rules are simple:

Participants can use their phones or other devices to surf the web to acquire information that will answer questions picked at random by the Host and audience members who will spin the Thunder Wheel. The questions could be about anything but will mostly pertain to local events, businesses, charities and politicians.

Participants will answer questions on Twitter using the hashtag #CloudWarriors. The first correct answer/tweet to appear on the Twitter Wall, set to display #CloudWarriors responses, wins the reward and could qualify the participant for a seat at the Cloud Table.

The Cloud Table is where the most prolific winners are invited to sit and eventually compete for the Grand Prize, donated by TeraGo Networks cloud services department. Drinks and free appetizers will be laid out in abundance. The participant with the correct answer will earn their seat, followed by the first winner with two correct answers, and then three and then four. There are only four seats at the table.

Cagneys Wine Bar
128 Queen St. S.

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