First dates can be fairly predictable with the “let’s meet for dinner/drinks” as the primary culprit. And while this vanilla-esque traditional method does have its benefits, there’s a plethora of alternate options that can make for a memorable first date, hopefully with a positive connotation.

1. Meet at a well-known store (Target, CanTire, Walmart, etc.) with only $20 in cash each, and purchase things that can be used for the rest of the date. It forces you to be a bit creative and find fun ways to spend the next few hours.  And guys, for god’s sake, don’t go straight to the family planning section.

2. Go to Value Village/any other thrift store and find an outfit that’s ridiculous and/or out of your comfort zone. Then proceed to go for dinner/drinks wearing your respective new clothes. Keep your bill under $15. It’s like you’re putting a ton of toppings and sauce on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Visit three different restaurants that offer completely different options. Have appetizers at one, mains at another and dessert at the last restaurant. So while this is in the realm of dinner/drinks, having your date at three different venues offering three different cuisines throws in a great element of variety. Think of it as Neapolitan ice cream opposed to just vanilla. With sprinkles. And sauce. And chocolate chips.

4. Mildly competitive sporting such as bowling, mini-golf, full-sized golf, batting cages, etc. But do it with your opposite hand/side and see just how much fun ensues. (Did you really think I’d actually say mini-golf as is?)

5. Go for a walk. Boring, I know. But wait, there’s more! Set it up so that you walk down every second street on your right and every, let’s say, third street, on your left. And do it in an unfamiliar neighbourhood for a higher fun factor. The variables here are up to you with the ultimate goal being to explore different areas of whichever city you’re in.

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