On election night we’re told the whole country will be watching to see what happens in Mississauga and Brampton as harbingers of a potential Conservative majority government, or not. The Prime Minister kicked off his campaign here and the Leader of the Opposition has been regularly in view. That’s great since all too often, when Canada’s past, present or future are being considered, Mississauga isn’t part of the discussion. The time is right to put an end to that.

While some eyes glaze over when the ‘sixth largest city in Canada’ phrase arises, nonetheless it is fair to say that we are ‘punching below our weight’ in the national consciousness. And that will continue as long as

Mississauga is content to be lumped into the Toronto media’s glib amalgamation of surrounding cities, into indistinguishable parts of an amorphous ‘905’.

Amalgamation has been fought to a standstill in the US and in Quebec for good reasons; it kills community identity. Look at the Toronto amalgamat- ion of five cities into one fiasco, which brought with it a sad mix of rampant apathy and 44 City Councillors. Without a potent relevant civic identity, participation in community declines.

Mississauga’s smart and benevolent identity is springing into action in May. We look at the most dynamic single month for special events in Mississauga history. Regional neighbours and hockey fans nationwide will join us, drawn to an array of colourful and diverse communities of interest here.

Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors deserves to be singled out for his generosity in putting down the money to bring the national junior hockey championship, the MasterCard Memorial Cup to the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. There are three young players from Mississauga on the Majors and the team at this writing is enjoying a splendid playoff, prior to hosting the Cup as a very competitive contender beginning May 19th.

Inside we look at all these exciting events that help to shape our vibrant city’s character and acknowledge that all of them are greatly dependent on community volunteers to make them happen. Their selfless efforts will only be successful if you and your friends, the thinking people of Mississauga, get out and enjoy this entertaining month plus, of delightful and exotic events. By doing so, together, we are all contributing to the ongoing creation of our vibrant new identity.

Words by  Mike Douglas, Editor of Mississauga Life