Our Marketing and Sales Manager Jay, and Editorial Assistant Jordan will be participating in a 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Every day, they will be participating in the following 30 Day Challenges (pictured right) and will be monitoring their meals. Every week, you’ll hear from Jay and Jordan as they write weekly logs about their progress and will include pictures and measurements. 

Follow our Fitness Warriors on their journey to a healthier lifestyle! 

Jay’s Log: October 1, 2014

While my sensual smile, enchanting eyes, darling dimples, McDreamy hair and all around rugged good looks are great ways to describe me, the extra few 10 pounds that have found a home in my gut have overstayed their welcome.

To kick off Q4 14, I’ve decided to take a proactive approach to slimming down. But Jay, you love food, right?

Yes, friends, it’s the world’s worst secret: Jay Kana loves food. However, the “in moderation” aspect is as present as a T-Rex being the mascot for the Small Arms building.

I’ll be much more active starting today, and not stuffing my face with delicious fried foods…as much.

I figure that having this posted on the Internet and having potentially billions of people see this, I kind of have to be accountable to each one. No pressure, right?

I’ll try and post every three days, but I promise nothing. Except that I’ll be doing daily exercises and adding some photos to augment my words.

And with that, I moved about a third of these boxes down two flights of stairs. Not too impressive, you say? Come up to my office and try moving at least 50 of these 20 lbs boxes.

Jordan’s Log: October 1, 2014

For the last 23 years, I’ve prided myself in eating what I want, as much as I want, when I want.

I’d nibble on chicken wings in the early hours of morning (with a pint or two), take one for the team and reach for the last slice, and have said “Yes, I’ll take a dozen assorted doughnuts please,” more times than I can remember without really having to suffer any consequential weight gain.

I’m not 100 percent as lazy as I’d like to believe. My morning routine consists of a 10-minute workout and although it’s nothing too serious, I think it still helps a lot to stretch and release some good ol’ endorphins early in the morning.

To be honest, I’m quite happy with my body and it isn’t the primary reason why I’m participating in this challenge. Of course I could use some toning and firming, but at the end of the day, I’m rather comfortable in my skin. However, my health is in a serious state of emergency. I’m a smoker, a social drinker and aside from my 10-minute workout, I rock the couch better than any potato ever could.

So, to encourage a healthier lifestyle and keep my bad habits at bay, I impetuously accept this 30 Day Challenge.

May the old gods have mercy.

P.S. If you visit Krispy Kreme in Heartland, they could probably give you an accurate number of how many times I’ve ordered a dozen to go.

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