The Beer Store is expecting a 15 percent spike in beer sales across the province, equating to 200,000 more 2-4 purchases than usual.

The Peel Regional Police and Arrive Alive Drive Sober are partnering up with the Beer Store encouraging footballs fans  to share tips and exercise responsible party hosting.

“We want to equip hosts with the information they need to ensure their guests make it home safely after the party, said Ted Moroz, Beer Store president. “Beer lovers should enjoy the football game this Sunday, but we encourage them to put their keys away if they are even thinking about consuming alcohol.”

Participants of the campaign are eligible to win a Sony home theatre package which includes a 50-inch TV!.

The #FreezeTheKeys campaign is another step in the Beer Store’s ongoing effort to educate Ontario drivers on the dangers of drinking and driving.

“We are very committed to keeping our communities safe,” said Moroz. “We have strict policies and rigorous staff training to ID anyone under 25 and we use third-party mystery shoppers to test our compliance. As a sign of our success, our staff challenged more than 3.6 million customers last year for trying to buy beer while underage or under the influence of alcohol.”

“Everybody knows that drinking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible, but the message is often strongest when it is reinforced by someone you know,” said Anne Leonard, executive director of Arrive Alive Drive Sober. “That’s why it’s important for hosts to talk to party guests about their plan to drive sober.”

Drinking and driving accounts for roughly one quarter of all deaths on provincial roads. Authorities warn that R.I.D.E. programs will be in full force.

“Peel Regional Police take impaired driving very seriously with education and enforcement strategies,” said Staff Sergeant Michael Donnelly of Peel Regional Police. “Enjoy the game, but we are asking football fans and party hosts to plan ahead and do not drink and drive.”

Here are some tips from Mississauga and Brampton residents about how they’re tackling drinking and driving for the big game:


  • “We pick one person and put his belt through all our keys. We then lock his belt (as a belt buckle, so fashionable), add a new lock that only he has the combination to, and no one gets them back until the next morning.”
  • “I’m tackling drinking and driving by purchasing extra pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, etc., so that I can provide my guests with a place to stay.”
  • “Inflatable mattresses, because everyone is sleeping over!”
  • “Allow friends to stay over after the game; ensure everyone is also eating as well as drinking; buy the app that makes the iPhone into a breathalyzer; and call a cab.”
  • “My friends’ wives drop my guests off at my place and then pick them up. Those girls are one in a million and we love them!”
  • “Everyone can spend the night at my place. Beds and couches for everyone.”


  • “All my guests’ car keys are given to me as they arrive at my home. The keys will not be given back unless I feel they are fine to drive.”
  • “Have everyone bring their sleepover gear. I always request car keys before any drinking starts. My rule is: if you’re drinking, you hand over your car keys until the next morning. Plus the morning after always includes breakfast… and who can say ‘no’ to bacon?”
  • “I will tackle drinking and driving by not doing it or allowing any of my friends to do it. Every time I go drinking with my friends we all hang our keys or put them in a jar until the morning. I do not let people leave my house if they have been drinking.”
  • Drinking and driving don’t mix, so we don’t do it… everyone sleeps over at our house.”
  • “I’m going to make sure that all my buddies put their keys in an empty container as soon as they get in my house and before they start drinking. They will spend the night or have a cab called for them and they can get their keys the next day.”

Please note: This contest is open to residents of the province of Ontario who are 19 or older at the time of entry.

Enter the #FreezeTheKeys campaign here. Contest closes on February 2.