Words by Robert Foster 

They say who you are in five years will be determined by the people you spend the most amount of your time with, and the books you read.

With 2015 drawing near, ask yourself this question: What are my goals for this upcoming year? Not just dreams, but clearly defined goals.

The main difference between a goal and a dream is the deadline. But dig deeper—look at the actionable steps, or a detailed blueprint on how to get there.

So, what do you want to achieve as a goal?

Five Factors

When it comes to goal-setting in fitness I find there are five primary motivating factors that clients come to Trainers on Site with:

  1. Lose weight;
  2. Live longer;
  3. Trim inches;
  4. Achieve better muscle tone; and
  5. Reduce body fat.

Which one do you want?

When you pick one, ask yourself how important that is to you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being vitally crucial). If you say 8 or maybe a 9, hold off on that goal and pick another that is a for sure 10! You have to have a genuine fire inside of you that says, “I have to achieve _____ ASAP!”


In my experience, I find when my clients put a timeline to that goal, they are 80 percent more likely to achieve it. So, don’t be wishy-washy with your goals. Become accountable! Tell everyone your goal.

Tell your spouse, partner, family member, co-workers; heck, tell almost anyone who will listen. The more people you tell the greater accountability you will have to achieving that goal. (Just be careful not to tell any energy vampires who might suck the dreams and aspirations out of you.)

If you are messing up and not doing the diligent tasks to achieve the goal, you might get embarrassed, get down on yourself and you may feel uneasy. That’s OK. Just get back on your horse and start doing what it takes again.

Nowadays, it is too easy not to be accountable. The closest people to you will tell you “It’s OK. You did your best, better luck next time. It’s not the end of the world.” If they genuinely care, tell them to not let you off on your important goals and help you stick to them.  Mediocrity is safe, easy, and expected. Do not let the crabs pull you down from the top of the bucket!

Make Your Goals Visible

Take pictures and place them on your fridge, your bedroom ceiling, your bathroom mirror, your car steering wheel. You have to visualize your goal as suggested in The Secret, and have to do! Manifest it to happen. Profess your goals. Make this your best year ever. No more excuses.

I once heard a guy say “Take a risk. The greatest risk is the unwillingness to take a risk.”

Try what I have mentioned above, and believe you can be in the best shape of your life you ever thought possible in the New Year!

rob.web.logoRobert Foster is the President and owner of Trainers On Site, an in-home personal training service that operates throughout the Greater Toronto Area with multiple contracted and licensed personal trainers.