My love for great bread was undeniably inherited from my father, who likes to enjoy a hearty slice of French bread with butter, right after dinner. Since discovering at the age of 14 that I was successfully able to eat an entire baguette during lunch period, my path to sandwich love was quite inevitable.

Sandwiches are the ultimate, most versatile food item. And, thanks to modern culinary masters, they’ve evolved to an art form. Sandwiches have become a gourmet menu item, and these awesome sandwich eateries have placed them on a golden pedestal.

Welcome to MississaugaLife’s Sandwich Chronicles, Part 1.

Pane E Vino Ristorante
905 502 5656
151 Brunel Road

Pane E Vino is a modern, and chic sandwich eatery that brings lunch to a whole ’nutha level. With an extensive gourmet lunch menu including sandwiches, salads, and soups, Pane E Vino is a must-try for any-kind-of-sandwich lover.

Aside from their extensive gourmet sandwiches (Italpanini, Salmon and Swiss) they also have a vegetarian’s dream of a salad bar, where you can choose what type of lettuce you’d like to cradle five unique toppings of your choice, and choose from one of their gourmet dressings.

Pane E Vino also offers both vegan and vegetarian options, making for the ultimate, accessible sandwich experience.

Recommended: Cajun chicken with Brie, Oven roasted Portobello and Swiss, Chicken Toscana

Yeahs: Healthy, delicious menu options, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Nays: Closed at 3 p.m. on weekdays.

On A Bun

905 272 5678
3663 Mavis Road, Unit 1D

On a Bun has been praised by reviewers as one of the best places in the city to get hearty, authentic Italian sandwiches. Very well-priced (sandwiches alone go from $4 to $7), their sandwiches are made from fresh ingredients. Whether you get a Junior or regular-sized sandwich, satisfaction is always guaranteed, Italian style.

Recommended: Eggplant Parmesan, meatball, and veal sandwiches.

Yeahs: Authentic, fresh Italian sandwiches.

Nays: Closed on Sunday.

Master Steaks
905 670 3313
5895 Dixie Road

The menu at Master Steaks is filled with steak combos, and I can sure testify how lip smacking their steaks are. Grilled the way you like ‘em, for an extremely reasonable price, I’ve ditched Montana’s and the Keg for this family-owned steakhouse. But it’s not only their steaks that got me hooked. It’s their half-pound smoked meat sandwich, advertised on a small chalkboard that makes my mouth water. [It’s a shame Pavlov never got to work with foodies. -Ed]

Piled high on lightly toasted bread and slathered in mustard, the smoked meat melts in your mouth. Accompanied by pickles, the half-pound sandwich from Master Steaks has become a recurring star in my dreams.

Recommended: Half-pound smoked meat sandwich, the Delmonico steak, steak and ribs combo.

Yeahs: Steaks are cut fresh, in-house, half-pound sandwich is addictive.

Nays: Located in the Airport District, it’s a far commute for those who don’t drive.

Are you a sandwich fanatic like I am? Let me know where you go for your favourite sandwiches, so I can bask in its glory. Drop me a line at:  [email protected]