Councillors Pat Saito, Nando Iannicca and George Carlson will be part of the new Animal Standards of Care Committee (ASCC), which will be reviewing the Animal Care and Control bylaws on the standards of keeping and housing animals.

“The role of this committee is to review the proposed Animal Care and Control bylaws to ensure that it meets the best interests of the community and animals,” said Ward 9 Councillor and ASCC Committee Chair Saito. “Humane treatment of animals is important to Council and the residents of Mississauga and by working together with community representatives, we can put in place a bylaw that is supported by all parties.”

“Humane treatment of animals is important to our community and our work on this committee will bring that perspective forward,” said Ward 7 Councillor and ASCC Committee member Iannicca.

The committee also includes two residents, a representative from the Mississauga Humane Society, representatives from Mississauga Animal Services and Enforcement and representatives from the veterinary and animal welfare communities.

The committee will be reviewing the following:

  • Leaving animals outside 24/7 and during extreme weather;
  • Tethering dogs;
  • Pet housing for animals left outside;
  • Enclosure/pen size;
  • Transporting animals in vehicles;
  • Leaving animals in motor vehicles; and
  • Setbacks for animal enclosures

The committee will report to Council with recommendations on the standards for animal care and housing. The term of office will terminate when the report on changes to the bylaw is submitted.