On June 11, the City of Mississauga was recognized by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for its climate change efforts and reaching corporate Milestone 5 in the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program.

“Getting to milestone five is considered one of the top ahcievements for PCP members,” said Raj Sheth, director, Facilities and Property Management. “From creating a greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory of our facilities and operations, to tracking our results, we’re proud of the contribution we’re making to climate protection.”

Some of the actions the City has taken to tackle climate change include:

  • Green its corporate fleet: Reduced greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking approximately 39 cars off the roads per year;
  • Citywide LED street lighting conversion: 49,000 street lights will be replaced to LED lights by December 2014;
  • Energy efficiency measures: Saved enough energy to power 3,500 homes for a year

“Working towards better energy and GHG management at the City and in the community is a priority for us,” said Ward 11 Councillor George Carlson, chair of Mississauga’s Environmental Advisory Committee. “This achievement couldn’t be possible without the strong collaboration from our corporate and community partners.”

The City also achieved community Milestone 3 for its development of the Living Green Master Plan (LGMP).

The City is moving forward with a five year Energy Conservation Plan which will be made available to residents on July 1 at mississauga.ca/livinggreen. The plan’s target of one percent reduction in energy consumption per year will amount to a total annual savings of approximately $575,000 per year.

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