Long-time Mississauga resident Joe Grima is a true community kind of guy. Owning DiscountTentRental.com (servicing the Mississauga area), Joe thrives on building relationships and bringing good people together in a spirit of kindness and allowing relationships to grow organically.

As an active part of the community, Joe says, “When I speak to an audience or asked to MC a charitable event I always embark on my childhood experiences of having fun, connecting on the playing field and getting out there….staying in the game of life.”

Mentoring young minds and giving back to the community is the mission of Canadian Activity Network (CAN) and Joe is a true ambassador at welcoming new members and immigrants to the community.

“I’m the person people come to when their relative is a new-landed immigrant looking for work,” he says. Clients, friends, family and anyone in between that has been connected with Joe and his networks have been rewarded beyond the activity. CAN is the pinnacle of many roads leading to a movement of prosperity on a level that is deeper than those found online. Joe firmly believes we need to put away our ipads, ipods and “I” in general, and develop our “We CAN do this” attitude, and it takes one person to make a difference and a village to build it.

Realizing he can expand his leadership, entrepreneurism and ability to bring others together, Joe used the platform meetup.com to create his own group on June 6 of last year (his daughters 6 birthday). He was introduced to this group via a friend that suggested a parents group to help strengthen his relationship with his daughter Jacquelyn. Joe joined the single parents’ meet up group in 2009 and became one of the organizers helping promote the good nature and support for single parents that needed to connect.

CAN’s mission is to get people together to engage in events in a welcoming, positive and supportive community. “It’s not the what we do, it’s who we engage,” Joe says on getting people out of their comfort zones.

From a beginner to the expert, he wants everyone to come together with a spirit of happiness. The group has grown from 10 initial members (and two organizers) to nearly 320 as of early April this year—a testament to the great foundation that’s been laid as well as strong word of mouth endorsements from existing members, new and old.

What started off as a weekly softball game has blossomed into badminton, tennis, volleyball, professional workshops, picnics, cruises, road trips for NFL/NHL games and floor hockey with more options and growth on the horizon.

He deflects all praise from himself and credits all the members for their willingness to participate and their enthusiasm. Without such a supportive cast, this active network would not be here. All activities are embraced with a spirit of fun and even if the competition sets in there is always a kind voice, tone or body language that surfaces. The atmosphere is always light and that can be attributed to all of us who participate.

There’s a wide-age range and people from various walks of life who participate. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience. It’s about the will set, not the skill set. From professional photographers to realtors to accountants and everything in between, the group interacts with a deeper sense of connection. Many new friendships have been made in addition to some professional contacts and CAN’s goal is to grow.

The group is active year round with the aforementioned activities and with spring officially here volleyball and softball are the popular seasonal choices with other ones still attracting interest. There are plenty of spots available if you’re interested and who knows how much fun you’ll have!

If you’re looking for something to do this year, looking to meet like-minded good neighbours, spend time outdoors, expand your network or just to get up and have some fun, take a look at their website.

Joe’s opened a huge door, put hors d’oeuvres out and filled the fridge with drinks. All you have to do is walk in with a positive attitude and have a great time.