Gordon Woods is an exclusive residential pocket in a forest you wouldn’t know existed unless you were looking closely. Its boundaries are the QEW in the south, Hurontario Street in the east, Queensway in the north and Stavebank Road in the west.

The area takes its name from Gordon Drive and its woodland surroundings, and was originally settled as summer home acreages by the Symes, Gullen, Phillips and Hull families. When the QEW was expanding from two to four lanes in the 1930s, many of the acreages were subdivided into 100 by 200–300 foot lots and sold to Torontonians who could now make the daily commute. A small suburb was born and families built homes in the Georgian, Cape Cod and Craftsman styles popular at the time.

What makes Gordon Woods different from so many other suburban neighbourhoods is what didn’t happen: no clearcutting of trees, no building of sidewalks and no curbs. Sure, the ’70s saw further subdividing of the northern part of the area, making way for homes more typical of the suburbs. What’s truly coveted today are the original large lots dappled with sunlight filtered by majestic oaks, maples, birch, pines and poplars—the perfect site for a dream home.

The canopy of large, mature trees that characterizes Gordon Woods is fiercely protected by a strong homeowners’ association—one that keeps the woodland community connected with an annual garden party and looks out for homeowner interests in everything from gypsy moths to lot coverage and setbacks.

The ethereal beauty of the area makes it popular with residents as well as the doctors and nurses of Trillium Health Centre, who can be seen taking in the cleaner air on their lunchtime strolls. The residential area has always attracted professionals and it continues to provide a quiet oasis for Bay Street’s most overworked.

Gordon Woods may have just become a touch more accessible, or at the very least may offer new homeowners lower-maintenance homes, as recently a couple of the larger lots have been approved for redevelopment into new large, detached condominium homes.

What to Expect Living in Gordon Woods 
• Average sale price: $1,197,200
• Average days on the market: 36
• Price range: $605,000–3,150,000
• Types of dwellings: 96% single detached, with a small row of townhomes at the entrance. The movement is towards large two-storeys from bungalows and one-and-a-half storeys, with some detached condos to come.
• 68% of residents are married
• Ages are evenly distributed
• 54% have post-secondary education
• Average household income is $242,000
• Predominant language is English