If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve tried and failed some sort of fitness or nutrition program before. With so many resources out there, shouldn’t it be easy to get in shape? Yet, the statistics tell us that we are bigger and unhealthier than ever before. As someone who’s trained hundreds of clients, I’ve noticed that there is something more powerful than fitness or nutrition knowledge: accountability.

There are systems, situations and people in your life that can have a massive impact on the likelihood of you getting in shape. In my opinion, there are four types of people who hold an influence on your health:

 4) Your friends and family
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” –Jim Rohn.

Simply put, if your friends and family members are unhealthy, you are likely to be unhealthy.

3) Fitness and Nutrition Experts
Ranked slightly higher than friends and family because they are almost always supportive of a healthy lifestyle and they offer valuable content. The downsides are that they have no personal connection with you, and you may fall in to the “information gatherer” category. You need to be an action taker!

2) Your Workout Buddies
Group fitness classes are wildly popular now because exercising with others stimulates success. Our boot camp has a private Facebook group where members can share recipes, home workouts, their successes, struggles, etc. This community atmosphere becomes powerful because of the great resources and personal connections.

1) Fitness Coach or Mentor
Finding a fitness coach who genuinely cares about your success is invaluable. It is this person’s sole responsibility to get you to your goals, and they should do everything in their power to do so. For example, a good fitness coach should personally email any client who misses a few workouts in a row. They should also constantly monitor everyone’s nutrition to make sure their eating habits are conducive to their goals.

So think of these people as an accountability checklist. The more checkmarks you have, the more accountability you probably have.

Most people have a bunch of 3s and 4s in their lives. Unfortunately, it’s tough to self-motivate over a sustained period of time, especially when the people around you don’t share your interest in living a healthier lifestyle. This is why I always suggest having a bunch of workout buddies in your life, and a rockstar fitness coach/mentor with you. If you’re constantly struggling to get in to shape, reach out to a friend who lives a lifestyle that you want and ask how they do it; or reach out to a local fitness or nutrition authority for a one on one meeting.

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sean4Sean Bykerk is a body transformation expert and owner of Breakthrough Bootcamp in Mississauga. Contact him at [email protected].