The new, more efficient and cost-effective facility will be expanding and improving upon current recreation programming and public accessibility. It will include an enlarged and integrated fitness space, new meeting rooms and program spaces, a gymnasium and a therapeutic pool. The Meadowvale Library will also be moving to this new space so that residents will have convenient access to both recreational and library services.

To thank the Meadowvale community for their support and patience during this process, there will be an open house near the facility. The open house will be hosted by Councillor Pat Saito of Ward 9, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.,  as well as other community organizers. Featuring a barbecue, give-aways, games, community programs, children’s activities and program demonstrations, it’s sure to be a blast for the whole family!

For more information about the Meadowvale Community Centre, visit

Meadowvale Community Centre
6655 Glen Erin Dr.