On May 9 Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) celebrated its 60th anniversary. To mark the occasion, a special event was held at CVC’s administrative office in Mississauga. Over 100 municipal partners, provincial representatives, past and present CVC Board of Directors, senior management, environmental groups, volunteers, and staff were in attendance to celebrate the milestone. The event also included a special water blessing by Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation along the shores of the Credit River to honour our native heritage and the bounty of the river.

“I am honoured to be a part of CVC’s 60th anniversary celebration. It’s an important milestone and one of which we are very proud,” said Pat Mullin, CVC Chair. “For 60 years, CVC has protected and enhanced the natural environment of the Credit River watershed. Our work over these past six decades has been built on strong partnerships and strong leadership. Through the dedication of many, CVC continues to conserve our natural environment for present and future generations.”

“Today’s special event launched a year-long celebration to commemorate CVC’s history, growth, partnerships and environmental changes over time,” added Deborah Martin-Downs, Chief Administrative Officer for CVC. “The case for managing land, water and our natural species is as critical today as it was in 1954. Throughout this year, CVC will pay tribute to historic accomplishments and its collaboration with partners as we continue to work together to protect and enhance the natural environment.”

For more information about the Credit Valley Conservation visit www.creditvalleyca.ca/sixty.