If these excursions are a part of your regular or semi-regular Mississauga shopping experiences, then you’re going to want to know the following bit of information: The Toronto Star reports that Dixie Outlet Mall has been sold to huge Canadian real estate developer Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust.

Now hold on. Don’t panic. The first thing you’re likely to think is: Is it going to be torn down? or if not, then What’s going to happen to the stores I know and love? Those are legitimate concerns. But according to Guy Charron, executive vice president of operations at Cominar, the plans at the moment are to keep it as a retail space. In fact, Cominar is looking at redeveloping/revitalizing/intensifying the space instead.

Among the options are expanding and renovating, but also adding new tenants, and those tenants could potentially include some new entertainment options. There is also a faint idea of a residential development, but it doesn’t look like that’s really in the cards at present, despite the area being ideally suited for such a development.

Will it be like the Square One renovation, which seems to be favouring the upscale (like Yorkdale, but perhaps not as intense) and pushing out the smaller retailers? Time will tell.