Now that the house has been sold and the crowds have moved on from the Sam McDadi/Ritchie Auction’s auction of the Saxon Drive mansion, we feel the irrepressible urge to just say, thank you!

Heated debate about the positives and negatives of the house aside, the idea of making this amazing house in the tiny Mississauga Road enclave open for public viewing and auction was fantastic. Things were very well organized and it was a great distraction to check out what 18,000 square feet of house feels like.  Even for those of us without the cash or perhaps the inclination to buy the home, being there was at least half the fun on a bitter cold January afternoon—a sort of pre-Superbowl Sunday thing.

Going in, I had wondered how the scale of this auction could work, but it was clear that it drew a big audience from the city and from afar who took the time to off their footwear and do a walk through. Whether you were thrilled by the office, rec room or master bathroom, or just loved chomping on shrimp while looking over the display of Rolex watches, there was definitely something here for everyone. Heck, if you came with enough cash to even consider a bid on the mansion, you should have at least taken home a Persian rug or a bauble or two for your mother, (father) wife (husband) or mistress (lover)!

Thanks Sam. It was a cool afternoon and well worth braving the chill to enjoy those radiant-heated floors and some of my best people-watching moments so far this winter!

Click for an enlarged photo.