Nike+ Running, free
Available on Android, iPhone
Map your runs, track progress and get the motivation you need to keep running. The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned while giving you audio feedback.

Fitness Pal, free
Available on Android, iPhone, Blackberry
Fitness Pal is the world’s largest nutritional database, which makes it easy to keep track of your calories. Check how many you’ve burned by indicating what exercise you’ve done and for how long.

S Health, free
Available on Samsung Galaxy S4
This app uses three components to track your exercise, walking distance and food consumption. It also indicates temperature and humidity to help moderate your comfort level.

All-In Yoga, $1.99
Available on Android, iPad, Kindle Fire
An excellent app for newcomers to yoga with audio and video instructions and several how-to guides including one with more than 300 poses. You can follow 45 ready-made yoga programs or create your own.

AthleteInMe’s Calories Converter, $2.99
Available on Andriod, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
This award-winning app indicates how many calories to burn after a take-out meal to achieve weight goals. Enter your weight and select from 3,000 items like Starbucks and beer.

Zombies, Run! $7.99
Available on Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows
This app gives you the extra motivation you need. Choose from over 30 missions to complete—the faster you run, the more ammo and weapons you collect to increase survival.

Weight Watchers Mobile, free
Available on Android, iPhone, iPad
A quick and easy way to track your meals and activities! Keep a log and review your progress with an interactive chart. Sift through thousands of food items, meals and recipes.

Map My Walk/Ride, free
Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Make every step count and record workout details, including duration, pace, distance, speed, elevation, calories burned and route travelled on an interactive map.