The number-one thing I look forward to on the weekends is breakfast. The perfect breakfast, for me, is a smorgasbord of grease, savoury tastes, and minimal conversation (I’m not a pretty sight with a mouth full of food).

Growing up in a Korean-Filipino family, our meals, including breakfast weren’t always traditional Western fare. My dad was the breakfast king, serving up piping-hot frittata with cheese, onions, garlic and potatoes, sweet Filipino pork sausages called longanisa, and my personal favourite, garlic fried rice. It was, and still very much is, my ideal weekend breakfast. So I admit, it’s rather difficult to induct another culture’s morning plate into my list of best breakfasts.

But lo and behold, I’ve been slapped with a spatula and seen the morning light. Here’s my list of the best breakfasts in Mississauga: guaranteed to max out your stomach lining, and not your wallet.

Orchard Family Restaurant
2550 Hurontario Street

I’ve been going to the Orchard with my grandparents since I was a kid. And even 10 years later, little has changed.

Conveniently located on Hurontario and Dundas, the Orchard has a notable rep as one of the best breakfast eateries in Mississauga. Moderately priced, their breakfasts have always been my favourite. And good gods, their home fries are so unique—they have a very subtle, smokey flavour that I’ve failed to replicate on numerous occasions. Instead, I’ve acknowledged defeat, and cry about it at the Orchard with a plate of home fries.

Recommended: Eggs Benedict with peameal bacon, Steak and egg breakfast, home fries.

Yays: Home fries are delicious, friendly staff.

Nays: Some breakfast items are only served one day of the weekend.


Muddy Duck Restaurant
2200 Dundas Street East
$15-$20 for their breakfast buffet

Oh Muddy Duck, how I love thee. “The Duck” has been serving the Mississauga community for over 30 years, dishing out some good ol’ fashioned, family-styled food and service.

On weekends, they serve a breakfast buffet from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., which includes literally everything you’d want for breakfast. You’ve got your breakfast-baked goods, like danish, croissants, muffins and fantastic artisan breads. Beside the bread lies a cold-cuts tray, including cheese and pickles, and behind it you’ve got milk and cereal.

And we’re not even halfway there.

There’s an egg station, where two breakfast chefs make your eggs any way you’d like, including made-to-order omelets with a nice selection of toppings. Close by,

there’s a table packed with sausage, bacon, quiche, home fries, and a waffle station—pumping out fresh, fluffy waffles, complete with your choice of whipped cream, chocolate, and fruit sauces.

If you’re into lighter fare, they do have a fresh fruit table, including yogurt, rice pudding, and a juice-maker where you can watch employees constantly filling the machine with oranges. But who are we kidding? The Muddy Duck’s Ultimate Breakfast is not for the faint of heart.

Recommends: Everything on their breakfast buffet, stretch-waist pants.

Yays: Breakfast buffet. ’Nuff said.

Nays: It’s pretty packed during buffet hours, so reservations are strongly recommended. Also, eggs benedict are not offered at the eggs station.


905-279 0975
3480 Hurontario Street

G’ma strikes again. She’s been taking my family out to this joint for years, and it’s no wonder why we always come back for more. Wally’s is a great cafeteria/diner experience. The food comes out fast, their portions are pretty filling, and the entire menu is relatively inexpensive.

My friends are particulary enthralled by their steak breakfasts, and reviewers have prasied their chicken souvlaki as the “best in town”.

Recommended: Any of their breakfast combos.

Yays: Opened till 3 a.m. for midnight snackers, large servings.

Nays: Some reviewers can’t get past their “cleanliness issue”.


A few other eggscellent breakfast mentions:

4120 Dixie Road

Sunset Grill
102 Lakeshore Road W.

Marish’s Boulangerie
104 Lakeshore Road E.

40 Courtneypark Drive E

Are you a sandwich fanatic like I am? Let me know where you go for your favourite sandwiches, so I can bask in its glory. Drop me a line at:  [email protected]