Renew, Energize and Donate is a Keller Williams worldwide initiative dedicated to improving local communities. On May 8, Keller Williams Real Estate Offices around the world closed their doors for the sole purpose of giving back to their community.

Keller Williams Realty Solutions staff set out to take on two projects with special requirements. The first was a family in need of a major change to their home in order to bring their one-year old son, Cristiano, home from the hospital. Cristiano was born 26 weeks early, weighing only 910 g and was transferred to the NICU.  The combination of a complication with premature lungs and a condition called omphalocele (organs growing into his umbilical cord), concerned the doctors. The doctors’ outcome was that Cristiano is incompatible with life and that they should consider terminating care. The family decided to give their son the chance to live, irrespective of how it may affect their lives.

Cristiano is now one-year-old. He has endured over 10 surgeries, is being fed via a GJ tube, and breathing with a tracheotomy using a mechanical ventilator. Despite all he has been through, Cristiano is a smiling, happy little boy, and his family is thankful for every minute he has fought to be with them. He has overcome many obstacles to the surprise of the doctors. Cristiano is a miracle! His family was thrilled at the possibility of being able to bring their son home, and believed he would continue to get better at home with their love and care

Their challenge was ensuring that their home was ready for Cristiano. The medical equipment required placement, the interior rooms needed painting, furniture had to be assembled, a backyard overhaul needed fences installed, and the garage needed a transformation, among other things, to ensure that his home would be safe and organized. With all of the time spent travelling back and forth to the hospital, there was no time left to catch up, or complete the list of requirements necessary.

It was a tremendous undertaking for the Keller Williams staff and volunteers to jump in and make a big difference. With a few days of pre-installation work, the team spent the entire day of May 8 making a difference.

“On behalf of Cristiano, Myself and my husband Jared, I wanted to send you a huge thank you. The enthusiasm, work ethic and joy the Keller Team brought to our house last Thursday was more than we ever could have imagined,” said Fran, mother of Cristiano. “One day of your work, will bring us many many many days of joy in our home. My husband and I have already enjoyed a few nice evenings on our new back patio admiring our beautiful backyard garden, while the dogs explore their new run. Your timing could also not have been more perfect. We are on track to have Cristiano come home on May 21st and without your help, the next few days would have been full of stress and anxiety trying to figure out how to get our house ready for Crisitano’s impending arrival.”

The second initiative of the Keller Williams Realty Solutions team was to volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Society, and to spend time with the Day Program participants.  The Keller team and volunteers set out their spring cleaning efforts at the Alzheimer’s facility, with raking, weeding and cleaning the yard and area. Decks were power washed and in perfect shape for the Day Program participants to enjoy the spring and summer months of the facility inside and outside.

Of course, no program can be successful without the initiatives of the organizers, support staff, participants and sponsors. Keller Williams proudly acknowledges sponsors who donated food, equipment, supplies, services or their time. A special thank you to: Benjamin Moore, Mr. Sub, No Frills, 241 Pizza, Rabba, Move By Design, The Clarkson Pump, Real Wealth Mortgage, Home Coach, Toronto Metro Painting, RBC, Canadian Tire, Dominion Lending Centres, PMG Print Production, Image & Design and The Odd Job Guy.

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