This is the first of a series introducing the organizations and individuals that are shaping a legacy of distinct and unique communities in our City.
Words by Mike Douglas

The Daniels Corporation is an award-winning development company whose philosophy is ‘people and community first’. At City Centre the Daniels team has played a significant role in helping create a livable and memorable place replete with an unforgettable Skyline. This distinctive development and skyline encompasses a pedestrian friendly urban neighbourhood with five iconic condominium towers built or getting underway in our downtown core.

In Mississauga City Centre we will see one-of-a-kind structures and facades reminiscent of classical architecture as well as distinctive modern buildings that are ‘young, fresh and vibrant’.

Recently we were able to catch up with Niall Haggart, Executive Vice President of The Daniels Corporation to learn more about their creative vision in designing and building a compelling downtown core with special community places at Mississauga City Centre.

“Every master-planned City Centre needs a Capital and that is exactly what we established with our first two buildings adjacent to City Hall with their distinctive roof architecture.”

The rooftop architecture of their striking One Park Tower presents spires and gargoyles in the classical style. The refined design of the world famous Chicago School of Architecture inspires the powerful and elegant Chicago Condominiums and the Limelight building will dazzle the skyline with a sense of possibility and forward thinking.

For any creative person the frisson of inspiration as to where to start a project is both compelling and daunting, so imagine when the canvas is as wide and complex as that offered by the creation of modern, holistically conceived, mixed use condominium towers.

For Haggart, “What excites us is the impact of these towers in bringing a cohesive identity to the City Centre. For example the No. One City Centre Condominiums on the south side of Burnhamthorpe feature a swooping roof that speaks to people looking beyond the normal and the combination of shared social amenities between the buildings, contributes to a neighbourhood feel that is further brought to life by a grand outdoor terrace that connects them.”

This hints at the impressive level of consideration given to all things human that is one of the most important parts of the Daniels philosophy; witness the new Limelight towers under construction with its benchmark green credentials. Its rooftop will project a soft green glow, illuminating and identifying a modernist roof capping the remarkable buildings full of smart energy innovations that enable residents to customize energy use to their personal preference. This is all epitomized by an “all off” switch at the door. These hi-rise homes use low toxin paint, energy star appliances and come with bamboo flooring. Residents can choose to ride their bikes or store them and join the convenient and cost conscious Car Share Program.

Limelight will feature a rooftop garden above the sixth floor podium which has great appeal to residents interested in staying connected with the earth.

“Our garden is bringing urban agriculture to Mississauga and in this high-rise, how the garden is employed will be determined by the building’s Garden Committee with the social effect as an added benefit. We’re building a community within a community concept in all of our buildings.” Haggart concludes.

The Daniels team has been building detached and semi-detached houses as well as condos for over 25 years in Mississauga with John Daniels being the moving force behind the “New Town” of Erin Mills. Over the years they have evolved a philosophy that guides their work – love where you live. Now the Daniels towers offer outstanding proximity to the latest jewel in our City’s amenities crown – the new Mississauga Celebration Square; another great reason why residents of City Centre really do love where they live.