steve headshotSteve Mahoney

Hold the Line on Taxes
There’s only one taxpayer, and they’re stretched thin. I will work with Council to hold the line on taxes within the rate of inflation by setting clear priorities and making every dollar count. We will start with a core services review, to ensure that the City is focused on residents’ priorities: strong first-responder services, garbage pickup and clean parks. I will also appoint a blue-ribbon panel to give ongoing advice on getting value for money, including looking at ways we can use technology and for the non-profit and private sectors to deliver better services. And like other leading cities, I will give citizens a direct say about local investments through participatory budgeting.

Stronger, Faster Transportation System
Transit is important to the growth and development of our community. My priorities for strengthening Mississauga’s transportation and transit system include:

  • Building the Hurontario LRT;
  • Focusing on east/west congestion by expanding bus rapid transit, express carpooling lanes, and working with the Province to bring the subway into Mississauga;
  • Deploying state-of-the-art intelligent transportation technology to coordinate traffic lights based on real-time traffic flows; and
  • Working with the Province to expand express, two-way all-day service to all GO Transit lines serving Mississauga.

Jobs and Opportunities for Youth
As Mayor, I will work with stakeholders to expand economic and social opportunities for youth by:

  • Creating more apprenticeships on City projects by setting minimum requirements for the number of apprentices on major City capital projects, and putting in place a Community Benefits Agreement for the Hurontario LRT project;
  • Establishing the Mississauga Futures Experiential Learning Program to create a minimum of 3,000 co-op education opportunities over four years; and
  • Engaging youth through participatory budgeting in deciding how best to invest City funds earmarked for youth initiatives.

Leveraging our Diversity for Jobs and Growth
Our city’s diversity is a source of great social and economic strength, and we can do more to make it a job creator. As Mayor, I will create an Office of the Mississauga Ambassador to work with our diverse communities to better connect services and support for newcomers, including expanding the number of languages in which the City offers services. I will also work to leverage established diverse communities to increase Mississauga’s global economic and social reach to make us a global gateway for local and international businesses looking to expand and grow.

bonnie headshotBonnie Crombie

Making Rapid Transit a Priority
Invest in rapid transit as soon as possible to build a regionally integrated network that will serve people travelling within Mississauga and beyond our borders. We must create a system that is reliable, quick and affordable, and one that provides a viable alternative to the car. We must also review our local transit system to ensure fares and travel times are reasonable and that the service is meeting the demands of current and future riders. We must start building rapid transit today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Creating Jobs and Growth through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Grow our economic base through strategic support of our key sectors, such as Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Information and Communications Technology, and Financial Services. While we nurture our foundational industries, we must also support and make investments to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to put Mississauga at the leading edge of the new economy. We must also make it a priority to leverage our great diversity to access new markets and increase our reach around the globe to attract new business and new talent to our doorstep.

Growing Responsibly and with a Plan
Encourage smart growth that focuses on family-friendly developments, increases investment in parks, trails and community spaces, and creates livable, walkable communities. This includes building the critical infrastructure that will keep our city on strong foundations, intensifying development along certain corridors to match rapid transit with increased population growth, growing a vibrant arts and culture scene that makes Mississauga a destination for our own residents and those beyond our borders, and investing in our downtown core—when we say “downtown,” we should mean downtown Mississauga, not downtown Toronto.

Ensuring Your City Works for You
Hold the line on property taxes, while continuing to provide high-quality services and instilling a culture of customer service at City Hall. We must also redouble our efforts to be as open and transparent as possible to ensure the voices of all residents are heard. Our goal should be to put Mississauga on the map! At 40 years old, Mississauga needs a Mayor with a bold vision for our future and a plan of action to ensure we continue to remain prosperous.