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Now without further ado, in no particular order, we bring you the best pizzerias in the city!

Brick House Pizza Co.
111 Queen St. S.
905-858-FIRE (3473)

Make sure when you order you get half-n-half otherwise you’ll get bored with one flavour. I personally suggest the salty swine and the jerk half-n-half — a perfect combination of salty and sweet (the jerk chicken is a bit on the sweet side). The Maui Wowee is also another good option, it’s a bit different take on the classical hawaiian pizza.” Karla A. (Mississauga) 

Marconi Pizza
3635 Cawthra Rd.

This is a great pizza. The meat is spiced right. Pepperoni pizza was delicious. The pepperonis had lovely taste to them. Smokey and peppery. The cheese was tasty as well. ingredients are of such high quality.”- John C. (Mississauga) 

Mickey’s Pizza
1900 Lakeshore Rd. W.

Their Chicago style, deep dish “Killer King” is pure pizza heaven. The dough is just the right texture and consistency, oozing with buttery goodness. They load it up with their outstanding mozzarella, just the right amount of sauce and fresh, delicious toppings of your choice (I like artichoke, sundried tomatoes and onions but will certainly mix it up).”- Michael M. (Mississauga) 

The Great Canadian Pizza Company
278 Lakeshore Rd. E.

Fresh, thin crusted, and delicious just like I like. Theres something about watching them make my pizza from just pizza dough, makes it all the more tasty!”- Thao H. (Mississauga) 

Goodfellas Pizza
209 Queen St. S.
1-855-G-FELLAS (433-5527)

We ordered a prosciutto and arugula personal pizza and a porcini mushroom truffle pasta. The pizza was a good size and it was tasty!” Eva C. (Mississauga)

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