Why did you decide to run for Councillor?
I’m passionate about the city and I intend to bring fresh ideas, energy and leadership to this campaign, and to City Council if I’m elected. My perspective is from business, being a community volunteer and a mother of two young girls.

We have to make smart choices and key investments to maintain and improve our quality of life in the city. I plan to work with residents to bring about those changes. Over the last 30 years Mississauga has been well served through its incredible growth, but it’s time for some new leadership and new faces so we can tackle those challenges in the coming years.

What are key fixes that Ward 2 needs and what do you plan to do to fix them?
For Ward 2 I’m certainly getting a lot of input speaking to residents and area businesses. As vice chair of the Credit Valley Conservation Association, I understand the importance of green space and conservation land. I will pledge to focus my energy in continuing this work to ensure local residents are consulted on ways to enhance our waterfront and manage growth. When it comes to conservation, there’s an opportunity to create an education and community hub in Rattray Marsh. We also have the hydro corridor that runs through a good portion of the ward, and we could look at better ways to utilize that space for recreation or community garden purposes.

We also need to make our investment climate even better. That means enhancing downtown Clarkson and looking at better utilization of Sheridan Park to create more local jobs.

Lastly, we need to look at transportation planning. The long term regional planning is being done, but there are things we can do to improve short term fixes such as, coordinating the MiWay schedule with the GO train schedule, and working with the province to improve the QEW-403 interchange area.

What do you hope Ward 2 will be like in the next 5 years?
We need to plan for growth. Mississauga is for the most part built up. We need to not only take care of our aging infrastructure,  we need to work and coordinate on a regional transportation plan, and so ensure that any local development is done in concert with the community.

Is there anything else you think Mississauga should know about you or your ward?
I think Ward 2 has an incredible quality of life. We have great neighbourhoods, great schools, good recreation facilities; we’re close to the lake and major transportation modes. I’m going to work hard for the residents and businesses of Ward 2 to ensure we progress in a thoughtful and sustainable way. As a mother of two young girls, my husband and I have an appreciation for what makes southern Mississauga such a great neighbourhood, and also what we can do to make our city more liveable.

Sue Shanly

Why did you decide to run for Councillor?
I’ve always liked and respected Pat Mullin and I think she’s done an outstanding job as councillor for Ward 2. I’ve worked on a lot of initiatives with Pat over the years, and I have a good understanding of the Ward and what goes on in Mississauga. I feel I would be a good replacement for her.

What are key fixes that Ward 2 needs and what do you plan to do to fix them?
I think Ward 2 is a great area. What I would like to do is ensure the entire waterfront is connected. What we don’t have is that connectivity in the west end. We need to be able to get that path through areas so we can have that 23 km stretch across Mississauga accessible to everyone.

I would like to see the continued development of Clarkson Village. Although the Province’s mandate is intensification, Clarkson is considered a community node in the City’s official plan, and I want to ensure it retains its village character.

I think we need more frequent transit. We need to increase the Bus Rapid Transit along Dundas and the Lakeshore. Eventually we’re going to connect to Kipling subway, and I think it’s important we start working on both of these corridors right away. We also need good connections to the GO station. Bus Rapid Transit isn’t going to work if there aren’t good connections with the GO station.

Another issue I have is the Ontario Municipal Board reform. The City has an official plan, and I don’t feel that we need someone from the outside who doesn’t know the city, Ward 2 or the Clarkson community to come in and overturn planning decisions that have been made by the City.

What do you hope Ward 2 will be like in the next five years?
Five years from now I would like to see more redevelopment in Clarkson to make a community that is vibrant and walkable. We need to work on connecting the streets to the north and the south. We heavily depend on the Lakeshore, but we need to get more connectivity and routes for access.

I’d like to see Clarkson developed into multi-use mixed development, such as commercial, retail and professional. I would also like to have continued infill in Sheridan Business Park, it’s a high-tech business park and employs people in our community.

This is going along the same line in Clarkson, particularly in the Southdown industrial district. We’re trying to reduce our stressed air shed and we’ve got good businesses that are working with the community to try to reduce the emissions in it.

Is there anything else you think Mississauga should know about you or your ward?
I have 25 years of community service in Ward 2. I was the chair of both Clarkson and Green Glade Public School Council. I was given an award by the Peel District School Board recognizing my service over 10 years. I’m the president of the Meadow Wood Rattray Ratepayers Association and I’m the past vice president of the Park Royal Community Association. I tirelessly fought the placement of a power plant in the stressed Clarkson air shed. I sit on the Oakville-Clarkson Air Zone Management Advisory Committee, and I’m a very active member of MIRANET, which is the Mississauga Residents Association Network.

John Armstrong

Why did you decide to run for Councillor?
My family and I have lived in Ward 2 for more than a decade. We love our community, and I see this as an opportunity to play a meaningful role in its future. Making a difference in the lives of others is inherently rewarding, and representing the best interests of your family, friends and neighbours is a sacred trust I would feel honoured to fulfill.

What are key fixes that Ward 2 needs and what do you plan to do to fix them?
Mississauga has seen immense growth over the past two decades, while the mature, established neighbourhoods of Ward 2 have remained relatively stable. The future development of higher density residential projects is inevitable, but they should adhere to current zoning and not have an adverse effect on the quality of life currently enjoyed by Ward 2 residents.

Zoning plans for Ward 2 are the result of a comprehensive process with input from many stakeholders, especially area residents. I will staunchly support the City’s efforts to enforce its zoning and not compromise our shared vision for the future.

What do you hope Ward 2 will be like in the next five years?
Hopefully, very similar to what it’s like now. Some areas like the Clarkson node have development projects slated, and if we stick to the plan, that development should enhance the area and its character.

Is there anything else you think Mississauga should know about you or your ward?
I believe that municipal government provides us with the best opportunity to make a real difference in our communities. Your city councillor is your voice when decisions are made that impact your daily lives, and they should not be influenced by a sense of obligation to a corporation, trade union, or any non-constituent whose interests may directly conflict with the voters. Accordingly, I will only accept donations from Ward 2 voters and am planning a modest campaign.

Your representative at council should only be motivated to act on your best interests. My sole objective is to serve my neighbours with unbiased judgment and respect for the public trust.

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