Here are some updated results, as reported by Brian Crombie.

First ballot
 Sandra Pupatello: 599 (will she get 835, or will Takhar’s camp not deliver?)
• Kathleen Wynne: 597 (will she get 750, or will Hoskins’ camp not deliver?)
• Gerard Kennedy: 281 (he needs to grow significantly)
 Harinder Takhar: 235
 Charles Sousa: 222 (will any disgruntled Takhar/Hoskins supporters go to him?)
Eric Hoskins: 150

Pupatello will be ahead, but by how much?

Second ballot
• Sandra Pupatello: 817 (almost all of Takhar’s supporters came over)
• Kathleen Wynne: 750 (all of Hoskins’ supporters delivered)
Gerard Kennedy: 285 (an increase of only four)
 Charles Sousa: 203 (he lost some)
• Harinder Takhar: 18