The Monster Rock Orchestra (MRO) performed their signature act at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival (MWF) this past weekend.

The MRO was voted by the residents of Mississauga as the winner of the 2014 People’s Choice MARTY Award, recognizing the innovative entertainment it brings to the stage at the festival. Now in its third year, the MRO is back with the blazing guitar riffs of Led Zeppelin and enough lasers to bring down the Starship Enterprise.

“I could not believe the reaction we received from the audience,” said Vikas Kohli, Artistic Director, MRO. “The crowd jumped and screamed for three encores, and we even got Mayor Hazel McCallion dancing! It was an unbelievable weekend, and I would like to thank my hard-working team, the world-class musicians, and the audience, for an amazing experience. A special thank you to the Mississauga Waterfront Festival for having us as their signature act. I can’t wait to bring the show back next year.”

This year the MRO performed music ranging from the classic styles of Elvis, Arthra and Bon Jovi, to modern-day melodies by Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Lorde, all accompanied by a massive laser light show and digital screen effects to create a never-seen-before display.

MRO is produced by MonstARTity, which is an incorporated not-for-profit arts organization that creates innovative world-class productions. The organization also produces the Bollywood Monster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in the GTA.

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