On Saturday, it was announced that Rattray Marsh will receive $55,000 from the Government of Canada in support of its continued conservation efforts.

The announcement was made at Mississauga’s Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. Stella Ambler MP Mississauga South, Pat Mullin Credit Valley Conservation Chair and Ward  2 Councillor, Karen Ras Credit Valley Conservation Foundation Vice-Chair, and Deborah Martin-Downs Credit Valley Conservation’s CAO, were all on hand to make the announcement. The grant was made possible by the Government of Canada’s Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program and was administered by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

The goal of the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program is to restore and improve recreational fishing habitats. Fishing is not allowed at Rattray Marsh, though fish from the marsh do move between Lake Ontario and Sheridan Creek, as well.

“Wetlands like Rattray Marsh are absolutely vital for a healthy and sustainable local fishery,” MP Stella Ambler said. “I’m proud of the government’s commitment to the marsh.”

Set to take place over several years, the restoration project includes the task of clearing buildups of sediment stemming from years of development around Sheridan Creek. Causing shallower water in the wetlands, this sediment has squelched the marsh’s native ecosystem by introducing non-native carp that have outcompeted native fish. The restoration project hopes to make it so that native fish such as pike and suckers can thrive once again.

“Rattray Marsh has a special place in the hearts of local residents,” said Karen Ras. “The marsh needs our help and we’re doing everything we can to find the funds to restore it to its former beauty.”

Located on the Lake Ontario shoreline in Western Mississauga, Rattray Marsh is a sensitive wetland and the last lakefront marsh of its kind situated between Burlington and Toronto. Home to a variety of wildlife and plant life, the marsh was acquired by Credit Valley Conservation in 1972. In addition to this latest grant, it has also received significant financial support from the Region of Peel and the Government of Ontario. For more information about the project and Credit Valley Conservation, visit www.creditvalleyca.ca/